Personal Branding

Personal branding

Enhancing your professional presence

Like it or not, people do judge your professionalism when they see your photo. Its the first thing that prospective clients focus on before they look at your credentials and experience. David Israel has earned a strong reputation for his Social Media and Personal Branding photography by making people look their best.

Many organisations realize the importance of a consistent corporate image and David has the personality and skills to quickly make everyone feel relaxed and comfortable in their business portrait. Within any organisation David makes sure that everyone’s photo matches in studio lighting, posing, background and head size. It does not matter if a headshot was taken 5 years ago or just last week, the matching photos will demonstrate a solid corporate brand.

Backgrounds are customised to suit you or your organisation. David can create a unique background for you. It can incorporate the colours of your logo or match a particular colour or theme.

Its easy

David will come to you with his portable studio and set up at the location of your choice. On request David travels and takes headshot portraits at national conferences, or in State offices around Australia.¬† This means that your organisation will present a consistent,¬†professional look and feel, for all of their people – wherever and whenever they are photographed. David’s headshot photography is also ideal for LinkedIn photos as well as Facebook or any other Social Media.

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