LinkedIn profile photos LinkedIn profile photos

Stand out from the crowd                                                 Everyone knows the importance of making first impressions, so look confident, friendly and trustworthy.  Wear clothes that are appropriate to your current role or your future career.


marketing videosMarketing Videos

Express yourself and sell more                                     Visitors stay on websites and social media when they watch a video. Your sales increase because people are more engaged with you and your business.

Make an impact and a lasting impression.


personal brandingPersonal branding

Enhancing your professional presence                           Like it or not, people do judge your professionalism when they see your photo. Its the first thing that prospective clients focus on before they look at your credentials and experience. 


social media photographySocial Media photography

7 reasons to take Social Media seriously

 Click here to see David’s infographic.



Marketing and Website photographyMarketing and Website photography

Who cares?                                                                              Your prospective clients are much more aware of tired, out of date photos and those generic library shots which show people who don’t look like anyone in Australia.



Corporate Events photographyCorporate Event photography, Mike Smith and ANZ staff

It’s like you were there                                                              David’s team work efficiently in capturing the mood of special events. Event Planners spend an enormous amount of energy and effort in staging a successful event. Naturally they and their clients want the event to be memorable.


Family PortraitsFamily Portraits

Enjoy a photo shoot at the location of your choice     Celebrate the joy of your family and create priceless, future memories.

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