Marketing and Website Photography

Marketing and website photography

Have you ever walked or driven past a business                     

And noticed that the signage is all faded? Or that the design and fonts in signs look out of date? Or a window display that looks old fashioned? Do those types of businesses instil you with confidence?

Is it the business owners fault? The correct answer is hard to answer. On one hand you’ll say yes of course, on the other hand its not. The reason is, because on a day-to-day basis there are so many areas and responsibilities that management and staff have to keep under control. There is more pressure on everyone that ever before, and because people see the signs and windows every day they fail to notice that they are fading.

The best way to see if you are on top of your corporate image, is to ask 3 trusted connections to each be like a mystery shopper and look at your marketing and website. It will be an interesting exercise for everyone. You may find that it is time to reinvent yourself. Image is vital in today’s world and to make the most impact you will probably need to update your marketing and website photography. This means thoughtful, creative, personalised photos that make you and your organisation look your best.

If an organisation does not have a clear message to deliver, David enjoys discovering their Unique Selling Proposition. He is a great believer in non-verbal communications, so his marketing and website photography conveys the story. David feels that, “Even if someone doesn’t speak English, they should still be able to look at your photos and have an understanding of what you actually do.”

It does not matter if you are a small to medium enterprise, or a national or international organisation, marketing and website photography opens a vital window for you. It lets your prospective clients get a look at you and your people and can be a powerful influence as your silent salesman 24 hours a day.

When commissioning David Israel you will be employing someone with a wealth of experience, attention to detail and the skill to always make you look your best.

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